Help add coverage.

To get started answer the questions below

Do you have an ADS-B receiver?

Is this receiver from an other Flight Tracking service?

Do you have DUMP1090 installed? (If you have Flight Aware or FR24 software etc chances are you will)

Please click click the link below to install software on the unit running DUMP1090

Lunix Install

Do you have Virtual Radar Server installed?

Do you have Plane Plotter installed?

Please ask us using the link below on how to set up Plane Plotter

Ask here

Please use the link below to contact us, Let us know what software you are running

Ask here

Please click the link below to set up using Virtual Radar Server


Your best option is to either build or apply for a free receiver, Feel free to use the contact form to if you have any questions

Apply here

Build here

Ask here